Application and Identity
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Here Is Where You Can Complete Our Application Form

Once we have received the form we will check your eligibility to enrol and – if you are eligible – we will mail you an Enrolment Confirmation form to sign and return to us. Please note that you will be required to provide documentation as proof of identity and citizenship/residency status.

Completing the Form

Work your way through the form filling in the fields on each numbered page. When a page is complete a tick will appear and you can move to the next page. When you have finished you can review the information you have entered and print out a copy if you wish. Once you have submitted the form you will receive an email confirming we have received it.

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Please enter your full legal name as shown on your birth certificate or passport in the two fields below.

We strongly advise that you register and log on first before completing this form.

Citizenship and Residency
Programme Selection
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Programme Selection

Please select a programme and provide us with some information about yourself.

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What you want to study

Previous study with us

Statistical Information
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Statistical Information

We are required to report statistical information about our students to the Ministry of Education. Please enter as much data as you can now as it will speed up your application process.

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Your background

Academic information

Contact Details
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Contact Details

Please provide at least one phone number and an email address. We also need a mailing address to which we can send the Enrolment Confirmation form. You may also wish to provide details of your next of kin.

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Your details

Click and Submit Application
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Check and Submit your Application

You can review and edit your application form by clicking through the pages above.
You can print out a copy of the application by clicking the Review button below.
When you are confident that the application is correct and you have read the Legal Stuff use the Submit button to send us the form.
We will send you an email acknowledgement and mail you an Enrolment Confirmation form in a few days.

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By clicking on the Submit button

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I declare that to the best of my knowledge all information supplied with my application is true and complete*